Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ol' Bob Miller's High Desert White Grape Soda Part Deux

Earlier, Eric dissed Ol' Bob Miller's High Desert White Grape Soda.

I had a bottle myself and tried it last night. While I was saddened by the idea that it was not white grape flavored but regular grape flavored, I otherwise thought it was great. It is both "light in taste and clear in color" in the GOOD WAY.

Let me explain. I prefer sugar free soda. While I looooooove grape soda, it almost never comes in diet. So every time I get a grape soda craving, I have some and immediately I can feel a layer of sugar/corn syrup on my teeth. It sort of lessens the joy of the grape soda. This, although not diet, was not too sugary and didn't bring the teeth film. It was not cloying or too sweet but very refreshing.

And any soda that comes with alcoholic drink instructions is right by me.

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