Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ol' Bob Miller's High Desert White Grape Soda

The website advertises this particular offering from Ol' Bob Miller's Wild West Drinks as being "light in taste and clear in color." Well, they're right, it's just not in a good way. When purchasing this, I was expecting a flavor more like that of green grapes, after all, it's called white grape soda, and green grapes are also called white. Unfortunately, the term 'white' refers to the appearance of this soda, not the flavor. It is just plain ol' fake grape flavor, but dilute, and uncolored. Refreshing, yes. Novel, not really. Another disappointing beverage.

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there is weird thinly veiled comment spam going on at blogger. bleh.

It's too bad this particular drink sucked, because the company name gives you high hopes to begin with.

Heidi, friend of J.B.  

yeah it's pretty impressive, the level of spam commenting. some of them are funny and i hesitate to delete them! :)  

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