Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Steaz excitement

Root beer is a soda flavor before we found ACTUALLY good flavors to make soda out of. Bleh. I mean what other root flavored things do we drink people?! What is this Sub Saharan Africa?!

I am lodging an official complaint about how unfair it is that all through the period that Eric and I lived in the same place Eric would always get root beer and I unthinkingly would take a sip of his beverage thinking he had good taste and then freak out because it would be root beer, the foulest beverage on earth. But now? Oh now he agrees root beer=evil in a can. No fair.

I have seen Steaz, but the name was weird and it never occurred to me that it was soda and tea. I believe it is shelved near the super foul cranberry soda, so I have been conditioned not to buy it. It sounds awesome though. I love fake green tea beverages, and the ginger ale one sounds scrumptious. Perhaps we will have to get one of the other beverage bloggers to "take one for the team" on the root beer. Or a guest blogger. Anyone want a root beer Steaz?

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