Friday, April 28, 2006

Old Jamaican Ginger Beer

So it turns out that Ting has a sibling and it's Old Jamaican Ginger Beer. Real sugar! That was pretty much the hallmark of this soda. Sweet, and very clearly sugary aftertaste. It's very gingery and a little hot, but pretty unoffensive. Very natural ginger flavor. Good.

The thing that was odd about this soda is its confused heritage. It's called Old Jamaica, and that made me assume the COUNTRY of Jamaica. Especially since Ting also claims Jamaican heritage. But the bottle says Jamaica, WI. Wisconsin? I am pretty sure Jamaica, WI has NO grapefruits, which is essential to Ting. Then I realized it meant Jamaica, West Indies. Ahhhh that makes more sense. But then, in large letters, PRODUCT OF CANADA! Huh?

It also proudly non-alcoholic. I guess with the whole "beer" thing they had to clear it up.

I do enjoy on their website that they have a beverage called Mauby Fizzz. I want to drink something with many zzzzzzzs.

where can you find real ginger beer around here?


I am not exactly sure what you mean by "real," but I have bought some at the International markets in town, particularly world harvest. Also, in Homer there is AN AMAZING soda store. Soda heaven!  

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Ting soda was something I grew up with in Wisconsin.
BUT it wasn't this strange grapefruit juice flavored drink you found. I remember orange, cherry, root beer, and cola. All in glass bottles. I did a search for "Ting", and I found some vintage bottles on e-bay, and found on another site a mention of it still being bottled in returnable bottles and only available in a small section of Wisconsin.  

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