Tuesday, April 04, 2006

flickr soda

Kurt pointed out this photo on flickr:

which got me thinking to do some searches on flickr in different drinks. Perhaps this is the librarian in me, but I was interested to find that the clusters around "soda" are:

The Coke Cluster: pop, coke, drink, cocacola, cola, can, red, bottle, glass, macro
The Jones Soda Cluster
The Dr. Pepper Cluster
The Mt. Dew Cluster

While Coke is the reigning champeen of soda, I was surprised to see no Pepsi. Also, while Dew and Jones have cult followings, who knew Dr. Pepper was so photogenic?

A beverage search divides things into two groups:

Group 1: drink, coffee, food, glass, alcohol, soda, red, cup, beer, tea
Group 2: Coke

I know how much Coke influences the drink market, especially worldwide, but I thought, at least with the artsy/techy peeps on Flickr it would not be THIS dominant.

Beer, however, brought up the BEST clusters.

2 which are predictable but oddly seperate:
Cluster 1: bar, pub, drink, glass, bottle, alcohol, pint, guinness, london, nyc
Cluster 2: party, friends, drinking, drunk, fun, people, night, booze, girls, girl

2 physical locations (Japan?):
Japan cluster: japan, food, tokyo, dinner, asahi, restaurant
Germany cluster: germany, munich, bier, deutschland, oktoberfest, europe

and one conference I have personally attended:
SXSW Cluster: austin, texas, sxsw

This might make it a hard sell to people trying to convince their boss to give 'em the cash! But we've learned people from the big city, especially abroad, who love emerging technologies and music LOVE beer.


Group 1: cup, cafe, food, mug, breakfast, espresso, drink, latte, table, tea
Group 2: starbucks, cameraphone, japan, tokyo, moblog, mocha, seattle
Group 3: nyc, newyork, newyorkcity, manhattan

All pretty understandable. Then this:

Group 4: mac, apple
Group 5: girl, woman

So women who use Apple products love coffee? Hmmm. All of the beverage generalizations resemble me. I fit in! Or at least that counterculture hipster thing Starbucks is selling is working WAY too well.

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