Thursday, April 13, 2006

Canada Part Deux

The long awaited sequel to Canada Beer tasting is sadly, not happy....due to my aforementioned beer "issues" caused by bad Canadian beer. I meant to write this up with incredible flourish, but you sadly get only the field notes. Most of these beers were okay, but I haven't run into anything outstanding lately. And I have been very much lied to by labels advertising an IPA which is really not. Also, all Canadian beer seems musty.

Phillips IPA
rated the best ipa in canada. i agree so far. there was a warning not to try it unless you really like ipas, and i could see why. it's very bitter, but doesn't have the sweetness that usually comes from a lot of hops in ipas. kind of like the dogfish ipa without the aforementioned sweetness

cutthroat pale ale tree brewery
bitter, but a weird aftertaste of oolong tea. a little bit sweet at the beginning. good.

Paddywhack IPA
darker than a usual ipa, more ambery. but hoppy and meteoker

tree brewing hophead

smells like raw hops, and a little musty, but does not taste that way. bitter, and hoppy. good.

alexander keith's IPA

uh, more like lager. are there even hops IN THIS? Okay I am exagerating, but this is an okay lager. their slogan is those who like it, like it a lot. well i do not like it, and i do not like it a lot.

Sopalali punch

I had this at a First Peoples Restaurant. Sopalali is a bitter berry. The punch was Sopalali juice, cranberry and ginger ale. I LOVED it. However I had the Sopalali dessert and it was not very good. It was made well, but the Sopalali was just too bitter! The mixed punch though was great.

C Plus
This is the Canadian Orange Crush. Good, not as sweet. Seemed a little medicinal.

beacon ipa
This tasted like a legit ipa mixed with old milwaukee. Okay, but WHY?

Granville Island English Bay Pale Ale
Again, like a pale ale and Old Milwaukee. Far more lagery. Does pale ale mean lager in Canada?

Old Yale brewing Company's Sergeant's IPA
This was a bit better. More hoppy, a little more bitter and maybe mixed with Miller Highlife (ie very carbonated).

And that is finito with Canada. Good riddance! They come over here illegally and take our JOBS!
And their beer isn't even very good! (With the exception of Steamworks)

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