Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Bundle of Beers--Reds and Great Lakes

I went to a red beer tasting at my most local liquor store. Here was my breakdown of the beers I tasted there:

Mendocino County Red Tail--nothing special, like most Mendocinos, for me

North Coast Red Seal--Not bad, but more of a brown

Great Lakes Conway's Irish Ale--Eh okay.
Saint Rogue Red--This was okay, but I was kind of down on Rogue after that Chipotle incident.

Founder's Red Rye--Always one of my favorites.

Avery Redpoint--Although I have always liked the Avery beers I have tried, this was AMAZING. The
tasting guy recommended the Avery Maharajah as well, which I bought but have not tried. The taster man agreed with me about these two being the best.

In addition, I have had these beers this week, in order of worst to best:

Elmwood Pale Ale--This kept foaming mysteriously out of the bottle. It was a little vinegary. I wonder if this had gone bad. It was gross.

Elmwood Nut Brown--Also not great. Apparently Central Illinois' only brewery is bad.

Monty Python Holy Grail Ale--I know this is totally a gimmick, but I tried it anyways. It wasn't good. Getting through it wasn't super fun.

Great Lakes Elliot Ness Amber--Amber's not my favorite variety, but this was good. I am starting to love Great Lakes.

Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold Lager--Lager is even less my favorite, but this was great! I almost never taste lager, but this was flavorful and refreshing!

Goose Island 312--I love this beer, and I have had it before, but it's a great hefeweisen!

Great Lakes Burning River--I love Great Lakes and they make a great Pale Ale!

This is 12 kinds of beer in 4 days. That's a tad excessive--but I didn't drink a whole beer of all of them!

I also tried Diet Code Red--awesome. Sadly I can only find it at the lunch truck near my work.

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