Saturday, February 25, 2006

Soup at Hand New England Clam Chowder

Now, some readers may hesitate. "Soup is not a drinkable thing!" you say. Well, nothing will convince you of this MORE than Soup-at-Hand. However, it claims it is "sippable" and insists you drink it. It comes in a bottle with a sippy top, like a coffee drink at Starbucks.

You heat the drink for a few minutes and then drink. Here are the flavors:

Blended Vegetable Medley
Chicken & Stars
Chicken with Mini Noodles
Classic Tomato
Cream of Broccoli
Creamy Chicken
Creamy Mushroom
Creamy Tomato
Mexican Style Fiesta
New England Clam Chowder
Vegetable Beef
Velvety Potato

Okay how happy am I that I did not choose PIZZA?! Pizza should not be drinkable. That is disgusting. They seem to be heavily relying on cream soups, which I think is the opposite of the direction they should be going. Velvety potato? I don't like food compared to fabric. Mexican style Fiesta? That's not a flavor of soup, that's a type of PARTY.

So you might ask why I would try a Soup-at-Hand, I was starving, and I had just had dental work. So I could not chew. Thus, the Soup at Hand.

On the Soup at Hand website there's even a place to become a "Soup at Hand Ambassador." It's for "Serious Soup at Hand Fans Only!"

Well perhaps they have put all the engineering into the cups, because SOUP AT HAND IS AWFUL! This is not shocking, I know. But it is particularly awful. I thought since they are marketing it as a drink, it would not be chunky. But it is. Little chunks/grit. Chewing bitty beverages=not good. It didn't taste so bad, but the consistency is totally gross.

Second, this beverage made me physically ill. I had stomach cramps for hours afterwards. It's not particularly greasy or fatty (all SAHs are less than 100 calories), but it made me feel mildly food poisoned.

So mediocre taste + bad consistency + mild food poisoning=ONE BAD DRINK

Stay away from Soup at Hand, a bad food, and a worse beverage.

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