Saturday, February 04, 2006

Non-friends items

Here's a quick roundup of the beers I have had out of the house. Although half were beers I brought to a friend's house, and the other half were drunk with friends, so we'll count it! :)

Wychwood Hobgoblin (draft)
good, bitter, just eh,

Founder's Red Rye in the bottle.
good as always. I think Founder's beers might be more intense in the bottle.

Alpha King.
Bitter, stong wonderous! I had only had in in the bottle before, so on tap was a nice switch.

mendocino brewing

Red Tail Ale
i thought this would be red, but it was not, it's an amber. bitter, but not great. just okay. more like a paler ale than an amber.

Eye of the Hawk Select Ale
Also pale ale-y, but not awesome. Just okay, bitter, not significantly different from the red tail

Blue Heron Pale Ale
The best of the bunch as it was intended to be a pale ale and tastes like a pale.

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