Wednesday, February 22, 2006

LA Beverages, Rogue, and a tea!

Bubble Up
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Rogue Santa's Private Reserve
Something I heard made me run out and get this, but it wasn't great. Just eh. Bitter.

I also bought some "Blue Eyes" cornflower tea, loose. Oh man, it was amazing.

In LA I had the following:

Stone Pale Ale

I went to a foofy wine store and bought this and it was highly recommended by the seller. It was just so so though. I also bought a Stone IPA, but have not tried it yet.

Bear Republic IPA

I looove Bear Republic. Their Red Rocket Ale may be my favorite red ale. This was great and full and creamy and bitter and awesome.

Pyramid Hefeweisen
A good standard Hefe.

Bubble Up

Wow, Bubble Up in the bottle--with pure cane sugar! A little lemon, a little lime, way superior than 7up/Sprite. Also the bottle said it was "totally recyclable" which was hilariously valley girl!

jekel vineyards reisling monterey

I had this riesling in the hotel. It was quite good and sweet.

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