Monday, February 06, 2006

He'Brew Messiah Gold

Kurt brought me some He'Brew Messiah Gold (It's the beer you've been waiting for!), the chosen beer:

Let me point out that their website is awesome, particularly the commercials here and here. They claim to be the "first ever extreme high holiday beer." Was extreme needed there? And it's the only beer whose website ASKS you to steal their photos, a policy I endorse. Those chosen people, always sharing. And it's Kosher!

Now there is a lot of schtick with this beer, and I have to say I am a total sucker for it. It's pretty hilarious. But it's also pretty good. Way better than decent. I was going to save it until I finished the new, super-Jewtastic Phillip Roth book, buuuuuut that's a long book. So L'Chaim!

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