Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Friends Week

In honor of my friends' generosity, I have declared this FRIENDS WEEK! All the posts this week will be from drinks donated to the blog from blogfriends. Of course if I drink in bars, I'll post that too, unless blogfriends want to pick up the tab for me all week. :)

Friends Week actually commenced with the previous post as Jeff bought one of the holiday packs for the blog.

Second, I must discuss the drinks from Kurt.

You just can't shake a stick at a friend who comes to you house with a four-pack--half soda, half beer. Especially since the last time he brought beer it was some Steel Reserve 211 40 that I still have. But he also brought Schlitz Malt Liquor, the finest of malt liquors, in my opinion. yes you may think that totally disqualifies all I have to say regarding beer. Whatever. No Schlitz will be poured on the curb for you when you stop reading, homey.


First was Jones Crushed Melon:

This is one of Kurt's faves. I myself am generally not a melon person but I liked this, even though it was a little cantelopey! Sweet and a little tart. Mmmm.

Next was Blumers Blueberry Cream:

Now, I hate fake vanilla and cream sodas generally have it. So I was expecting to hate this. But it was great. Kurt was not so fond of it, but I drank a lot of it. The blueberry was pretty fake, but I liked it. And the cream soda was not so prevalent.


First Founders Centennial IPA.

Yay an IPA! Yay for Founders! Someone's reading the blog! I need to learn more about the dry hopping process and how it changes taste, but I can tell I like dry hopping! :) I had had this on tap but I think I might actually like it better in the bottle. It's waaaaaay maltier up front, almost like a malter milk ball. But it's very hoppy and bitter. I had some super sweet frosting right before this and the beer was a great compliment. Like all Founders items, it rocked. Go Kurt!

Kurt also got me a He'Brew which I will soon drink and report on!

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