Monday, January 09, 2006

Sioux CIty Ginger Beer and Cherry 7-Up Plus

Sioux City Ginger Beer is spicy. Painfully so. At one point I thought I might breathe fire and had to put it down. i coughed a few times. It probably didn't help that it totally looks like a beer and I was walking around outside drinking it, getting funny looks.

I also finally cracked my 2-liter of Cherry 7-Up Plus. First, it's very very sweet, although it's splenda. It doesn't taste like cherry 7-Up, but rather, 7-Up that has cherry syrup in it. I know this is a weird minute difference, but the exact taste of 7-Up with syrup just put in it is uncanny. It seems more syrupy than 7-Up as well. Put it has calcium, mmm mmm. Although I do love cherry drinks, I bet I won't drink this much as it's way too sweet for me.

Also, while I was looking like a drunk in the post office in the morning, I picked up what must be the best packed package I ever received. First there was a box, taped top and bottom and labeled fragile. Then, it was filled with wonderous every color and type of packing peanut. In that was a kleenex box filled with only one sort of packing peanut. in that was a bubblewrapped package. In that was a soda in a baggie. What was so important? ALE-8! The official drink of Eastern KY! Thanks to Lisa and J for being the first drink submitters to the beverage blog. I am putting it in the fridge straight away, and then I will have to do some Ale-8 research and post on it! More info is available in the wiki if you're interested. The Ale-8 appears to have a long and sordid history, including being an ingredient in something called the "Tender Lovin'."

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