Thursday, January 12, 2006

sand creek cranberry special ale

If there's one beer I don't like, it's vinegary beer. I am also not partial to fruity beer--I usually think it's too sweet and not beery enough. But, in my non-beer life, I am a sucker for anything cranberry. So I tried this Sand Creek Cranberry Special Ale.

First the name of the company that makes it is almost illegible on the bottle. When I went to rate beer, it seems everyone hates this beer.

Everyone but me!

First, this is not sweet at all. I had it with some dark chocolate cake and it went very well. It is very sour at the beginning, but like cranberries, not like vinegar! It does sort of smell like a vinegary beer, and I am not saying I could drink a whole lot of it, but I think it's a great idea and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you like cran or vinegary beers you might like this. But if you generally like the fruity stuff, I'd stay away!

Great Page. I'll have to visit it more often.
I hate fruity beers, but I also stay away from anything to dark.  

i usually hate them too!  

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