Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Raspberry Wheat Ale + Snapple Plum a granate + beer redux

Raspberry Wheat Ale
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Sea Dog Raspberry Wheat Ale totally hit the spot. It was light and not too fruity and tasted like real fruit. It was also in the winter pack, which baffles me.

This image is fuzzy so here is what the insignia looks like:

I usually don't like fruity beers, though I do love raspberry. However the ratebeer people seemed to really hate this beer. Some even thought it was vinegary, which I find really weird, since I HATE vinegary beers with a passion, and would have noticed that.

In other news, Snapple Plum-a-Granate Iced Tea is the best beverage in the world. Very sweet, but good. It's what Archer Farms Pom Water might be if it were a real beverage and not "water."

In other experimentation, when you are very dehydrated from scientifically "retesting" the Great Divide Hercules (even better the second time, sweeter, different glass), and the Rogue Brutal Bitter (also more bitter and darker seeming than the first time. i can actually believe this might belong in an ESB category), the Cherry 7-UP Plus tastes like manna from heaven, mainly as it is sweet, liquid and placed next to one's bed. Wow that's about the worst run on paragraph in history.

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