Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ocean Spray 100% Juice

I got the "Cranberry and Pacific Raspberry."

Jesu Christo this is the best juice ever. Oh man. It is 100% juice. But so sweet! Yet tart! It's so good I cannot make sentences anymore! And I am rationing it!

It does come in about the most dificult to open bottle ever. It injured my hand. But I don't care. It's awesome!

I also bought Cran-Cherry which I assume will be equally awesome. i cannot take much more awesomeness.

Around here we can get one called Northland's Best 100% cran too. It's not good how f&)*(ing expensive it is but it tastes really yummy. Cranberry juice is essential to me: I put it on cereal because I hate milk.  

wow i hate milk too mut i never thought about putting cran on it. hmmm. i assume that doesn't work out with say, cinnamon cereals (which are among my favorites). what cereals do you eat it on? do you use cran blends? I use rice milk but that can be expensive too. I loooove almond and oat milk. But for a while I was just using fruit yogurt which was really good.  

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