Thursday, January 26, 2006

Boulevard Pale Ale

I associate my Missourian larger microbrewers with good times. I associate Missouri with dying.

My first Boulevard experience was in a bar in St. Louis after driving across the Western US on little sleep, often sleeping on the ground, with 2 people who, for this short period of time, hated each other. We were staying in a house with a PACK of dogs in what I was led to believe was a shady neighborhood. I am very dog allergic. I was being faced with the idea of staying the night by myself in a car in a shady neighborhood. Yeah. This made me think, like I have thought many time since "Fuck, I am going to die. I am going to die and I will be dying in the state of Missouri."*

Somehow, mystically, I was not badly allergic to these dogs, and I got some sleep inside. As well as a great experience at a bar where I drank Boulevard for the only time before now. And I have to say, the strangers I met in the St. Louis bar were the nicest bar people I have ever met. Kurt, is everyone in St. Louis bars friendly to strangers?

Anyways, I saw some Boulevard in a 6-pack at Schnuck's (also from St. Louis), and I have been very happy with this purchase. It's just a solid APA. Like it should taste. It's been making my week. I <3 you Boulevard.

*To my knowledge I have only thought this twice. But I think that's a lot for someone who has been to Missouri only a handful of times. And third time's the charm, so I hope to not test this. :)

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