Saturday, December 17, 2005

red tea!

My new drink of choice is red tea. Red teas come in several varieties but all seem to somehow be derived from hibiscus. I had some hibiscus iced tea several times at a restaurant called Big Bowl in Schaumburg, IL. I have always loved it, but I bought some hibiscus leaves, and they did not make a very good tea.

In the meantime, not knowing that the Celestial Seasonings red teas were hibiscus derived, I have always enjoyed them. I don't really think they taste like hibiscus but i like them nonetheless. There's the old standard RED ZINGER

but also the cranberry apple red zinger

This smells a lot like potpourri, sorta apple cinammony. I wish this were just cran-zinger, but the apple is okay.

However, my new favorite is Hibiscus Rosehip. My friend Tomasz showed this to me, and it's apparently mainly sold in Eastern European stores. Tomasz had tried several versions, but he was most into the Pompadour version:

It's the yummiest.

This may just be a continuous obsession with all things red. I have previously reviewed cherry limeade, pomegranate water, and cape cods. What can I say, I am a sucker for red beverages.

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