Monday, December 12, 2005

founder's black rye, rogue oyster stout, left hand juju ginger, glogg

Founder's Black Rye (in bottle)

Similar to the red rye, very tasty.

I love swedes, but I hate red wine. Yucky. Like drinking potpourri.

Rogue Oyster Stout (tap)
I loooove the Rogue Oyster Stout. It is super creamy and viscous and not crazy filling. Get one today! Along with the Edmund FItzgerald, my favorite stout.

Left Hand Brewing Company JuJu Ginger Ale in bottle

Ginger and ale? What a fabulous idea. It doesn't have a strong ginger flavor) I would have like d a stronger one) but these are 2 great tastes that taste great together. It's like an IPA with slight ginger notes. But come on, what are the 2 things I review most? IPAs and ginger beers. I liked it a LOT. I do not know why the label is "rasta."

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