Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Carmen Gewurtz

Now generally, I am the opposite of a wine snob. I am a wine cheapass. I enjoy the Fetzer gewurtz more than any other I have tasted (see Sept. 12 posting here, sorry backlinks will not work no matter how hard I try.)

But I thought, "Hmmm maybe this is because all of the Gewurtz I buy is under 7 bucks!" So I went with the Carmen Gewurtz. It's from 2003--look how cultured I am, I am drinking aged wine! It's from Chile! That's not New Jersey, or wherever the hell Fetzer is located. They speak Spanish--oh boy that's romantic! On the back it does note a hint of lychee, which I am generally not a fan of, but I was psyched to drink my (relatively) expensive wine.

But oh boy, once again Fetzer is still way ahead of the pack. First, this tastes nothing like Gewurtz. If this was served somewhere, I would assume it was some other white wine. I am not the biggest wine fan, so there are only a narrow sliver of wines I can tolerate (whites) and an even narrower sliver (Gewurtz, Reisling) that I really enjoy frequently. So, when something is not like those very specific things, I am terribly sensitive to it.

First, it's not sweet at all. It's pretty sour and bitter and has a STRONG aftertaste of alcohol. The alcohol is very very apparent when drinking this. It doesn't taste really like lychee or rose petals as the bottle claims. It tastes like acid reflux. That's a huge problem with this, it's SO acidic! But it;s like digested acidic. I can't take it.

I think I will cook with the remainder of the bottle. So sad, as the aim was to drink a lot this evening. All my hopes, DASHED by silly Chilean wine!

On top of that, their website is a trail of dead links, in both English and Spanish (see I am CULTURED!), but I did get a boring photo:

don't buy me!

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