Saturday, December 03, 2005

ArcherFarms Pomegranate Fortified Water Beverage

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Archer Farms (Target) makes a lot of odd beverages that I always want to try. When I have tried them, they are generally bad. But I tried this one because it was both pomegranate (something I love) and PINK. I am not exactly sure what a "water beverage" is (isn't water ITSELF a beverage?) but I expected it to be lightly flavored water. Wrong-O. It is more beverage than water.

First among the odd non-water tendencies is its texture. This is a very thick, milk-like beverage. The brilliant color is supplied by "fruit and vegetable juices for color" as listed in the ingredients. However, the label says it has 0% juice. Confusing. It tastes very fruity and pomegranatey. Even my friend Matt who is generally pro-pomegranate and anti-fake fruit enjoyed it. I would drink it often, even though the texture is a tad off-putting. The only ingredient that could cause this is the "crystalline fructose," but still...eerie.

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