Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sprecher Ginger Ale

Oh man, do not drink this:

Run far away! Now first, any ginger ale would pale in comparison to yesterday's amazing Cock N Bull. But this is just awful. The Sprecher website describes the ginger ale as "Our ginger ale is a sophisticated soda, pale in color and reminiscent of a light, sparkling chardonnay. Its complex flavor is very dry on the palate, combining the bite of ginger ale with a surprising hint of oak. A truly unique taste experience. Nothing like the ginger ale you are used to!"

Okay, chardonnay is good. This is not. This resembles an overly sweet faqke vanilla creme soda. There is some ginger and it burns near the end. If only that was the soda, this would be okay. I find oak in my soda not only to be surprising, but not welcome. This comes in a 16 oz. bottle. Why so much bad soda? The bottle emphasizes how spicy it is, but it really isn't that spicy--again more sweet and vanilla. It points out that it is "icy cool and spicy hot." I think this icy cool is somewhat apt, since the soda tastes like bad witergreen gum at the beginning.

BLEH! This is going down the drain.

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