Tuesday, November 29, 2005

new things!

Well firstly, for those of you who actually visit blogs instead of rssing them, we have a new background.

Secondly, the Salmon Pate Soda has NOT been secured. I have the other Jones Soda Holiday Pack, and will be looking to try it with interested parties. I went to Speedway but they had never heard of Jones soda. I just called Cost Plus and they said the only Cost Plus they knew of that had it was one in Mississippi. This is bad!

I have gotten a crapload of Tampico to try. I do love the original, so we shall see.

Finally, I am linking my reading blog to the site. If you're really interested in what I have read this year, it's all here. I had it on a work server and I decided to make it easier to personally update.

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