Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lingonberry Soda, Covey Run Gewurtz

Last weekend I went to IKEA and ate at their cafeteria. In the soda machine they have a lingonberry soda that is the national soda of Sweden or something. They sell the syrup which you can mix into soda at home, but personally I never like such syrup since i can never mix it properly. So I had a couple of glasses. The first was far too weak, but the second (from a different tap) was quite good. Sweet and tart, it was sort of cranberry-esque.

I also had some Covey Run Gewurtz. Eh, it wasn't that sweet or spicy. It had a bitter aftertaste and just wasn't terribly distinctive. If anything, I would say it tasted more like a different kind of white wine.

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