Monday, October 24, 2005

Rogue Brown and Founder's Red Rye

Hazelnut Brown Ale

Generally, I think brown ales are not flavorful enough. This was bitter and very nutty, but still brown, which I am not terribly excited about.

Founder's Red Rye

Good! Very bitter esp. for a Red! As per my tastes in beer, it was great! I had it on tap, but I have read in the bottle the yeast settles.

I had a couple of others, but both of these are over 7% so, I think a fair assessment is impossible! :)

I don't like my beer too bitter. This weekend at our open house we had a whole keg of Bell's Amber Ale (right down the street you know).

One guy at the party was on a wrestler-style water only crash diet, so I was tempted to ask him if he wanted to get a cup of beer with me and swish it around/spit it out, so I wouldn't feel so lonely.

Hope you're having a better week.  

I love bell's--perhaps I will have to take a field trip!

Why, outside of wrestling would anyone go on the awful water spitting diet?

Yesterday was uneventful. Sunday involved a window falling on me, but Monday--nothing.  

The real reason for that guy's diet is because he's obsessed with Halloween. He has grown a very obvious spare tire over the past year, but is determined to fit into his skin-tight Wolverine costume. Maybe like this one:  

i want photos!  

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