Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cripple Creek Dream Lode Golden Ginger Ale

Apparently today is wordy beverages day. Cripple Creek Dream Lode Golden Ginger Ale doesn't exactly roll off the tongue! The full name of the company is the "Cripple Creek Cow Mountain Gold Mining Company." Shecriminy! I am all for olde timey western stylee (it's olde, so it has an extra e on the end). The weird part about it is that it is from Warrenville, IL which the last time I checked was not the wild west. Although I have noted that 'round these IL parts people are really into the wild west. Like Colorado. I find that funny.

Anyway about the beverage.The website mentions that it uses real ginger and I would say that's what characterizes this drink. It's not that sweet, and it doesn't have that much spiciness. It's more ginger in some soy-ginger sauce than ginger in a gingersnap. It almost has a dirty root type taste. That makes this sound awful, but it's not bad.

However, I would pass this up for most any other ginger ale. Perhaps it's the fact that I have brainwashed by BigSoda, but I like more pungent ginger flavor which might possibly be fake.

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