Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Cherry Fresca and Island Fruit 7UP Plus

black cherry fresca should be a great drink for me: I love diet, I love grapefruit sodas, and above all I love black cherry. I was excitable when Eric mentioned he had some of this for me. Perhaps it was this dramatic leadup which made it fall a little flat. Now don't get me wrong--I like this beverage. It could have just been so much more.

It's black cherry is more the flavor of "red" than cherry or black cherry. The grapefruit is unnoticeable. I did note it made me pee quicker than most sodas and it seemed more carbonated. This being said, there is also a peach version out that I can't wait to try.

I have also been nursing a bottle of 7UP Island Fruit:

I am also a big fan of juice and soda combos, but the original 7UP Plus left me cold, despite its promises to put the "Yum in Calcium." I do love the idea of "healthy" soda as well. So why have I been putting off reviewing this? Well number one, I think it's tasty but it reminds me of something and I can't tell what. First it is mangoriffic. It also has a photo of a pineapple on the container. It does have a bit of pineappley at the end. This, unlike the other 7UP Plus tastes like actual juice. I love it even though this shouldn't be my favorite of the bunch. I have cherry 7UP, but I haven't tried it yet. I expect big things.

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