Friday, October 28, 2005

baumeister cherry, 2 Brothers Heavy Handed, Great Lakes, Dogfish

I have drunk a lot this week!

first, Baumeister Cherry soda:

I liked it okay, it wasn't too sweet, but I would not drink it again, since it has an intense vanilla/cream soda side to it. It took me a really long time to finish it, as I hate vanilla, it was somewhat fakey cherry with a little real cherry in there. It is bright red!

2 Brothers Heavy Handed:

I was lucky enough to drink this from a cask. Oh boy is it tasty. Very hoppy, Bitter to the point of turning some people at the table away, but good good good.

Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald

This was a porter, and I was really in the mood for bitter IPAs this night, but it totally changed my mind. It was great. Very burnt coffee taste. Creamy, but not as filling as something like a Guiness. I will definitely have it again, and I don't drink porters that often.

Great Lakes Nosferatu:

is a stock ale, which apparently means it can last a long time. It's a red, which is one of my favorites usually, but I did not like it really. It was drinkable but it smelled REALLY bad. Like bad yeast and vinegar. The beer itself was not too sour, and it did not smell like the beer tasted. In fact, I thought this beer tasted better in the bottle, where you could not smell it. In the bottle it tasted like any average red, but it was more bitter and yeasty in the glass.

Dogfish India Brown Ale (IBA):

I was excited about trying this, as I love Dogfish, I love IPAs and I like experiments. I had heard this talked up a lot on the Craft Beer Podcast, so I was excited. Browns usually leave me cold, as I think "alright, it's not light, it should have some flavor" but it always just seems like a stronger version of pilsner. It's always lacking any hoppiness, and so I get all excited that it's going to be tasty and then nothing. Not bad, but just nothing. So the IBA should be perfect right? To me it just tasted a little better than a regular brown. Maybe I'll try it again.

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