Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Barritts Pineapple Bermuda Stone Ginger Beer

It may appear that I only try beverages with long, long names. But this turned out well. First, Barritts is another specialty beverage that encourages its usage with alcoholic beverages. So much so, they have many recipes on their website. They also include many thoughts on the Moscow Mule which is one of my favorite drinks. Not only that, they have a blog about their beverage! Who doesn't love that!?

All of this has little to do with the beverage though. As previously stated, I love spicy ginger ale. This one is not too spicy, but more peppery than "ow my tongue." When I first tasted it I honestly tasted no pineapple. The drink was still good just not pineappley. If anything, I would say it's just sweeter than your average ginger ale. But then, 1/3 of the way through the bottle, I could distinctly taste the pineapple. It was quite good. I have some of their regular ginger ale which I hope to try soon. The back of the bottle states that the drink is "Unerstated British elegance coupled with the exotic island flavor of Bermuda." Wow, classy. As opposed to many of the untasty beverages we have all been drinking recently, this is recommended!

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