Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Vitamin Water

Glaceau's*** vitamin water is a real toss up for me. I do love the formula-50 and focus. The name "Vitamin Water" sounds like it would be bad, but in fact it is their OTHER line, "Fruit Water" which is really the loser. I totally buy into these little smart, snappy paragraphs they have on the side of the drink. I sometimes think that if more products would just put compelling writing on their container (like cereal) I would eat them too. Anyway, vitamin water comes in great bright colors and fruitwater is clear. And bad. So bad.

I got the peach. I love everything peach. This drink smelled great! I thought it was going to be awesome.

In fact, it tastes like water. I know you think I am an idiot right now, but if vitamin water is full of tasty flavor, you'd think FRUIT water would be bursting. I could have taken this drink were it just water. But in fact it tastes like very very very watered down sun tan lotion. It has a completely bizarre coconut flavor. The bottle and Glaceau website mention how "natural" and "unsweetened" this beverage is, which makes it all the more ironic that it tastes like an inedible beach product with fake flavoring.

***Heads up on the Glaceau website. There is nudity. Old woman nudity. Not work appropriate!

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