Sunday, September 18, 2005

Market Pantry (Target Store Brand) Cherry Limeade

Target's store brand is apparently "Market Pantry." We bought the "non-carbonated cherry limeade naturally flavored water beverage" at Target this weekend. And let me tell you, a long, long name always indicated quality. First, the beverage is flavored by only Splenda and Ace-K. Also, it mentions it is "naturally flavored" but in reality it is BRIGHT RED. This seems like, well, a bad lie. But I gave it a try. I have to say first off that this drink would be amazing if it WERE carbinated. It's lack of carbonation seems weird when you try it, as if it has gone flat. It is both a little too watery and a little too sweet. I don't think it tastes very "diet" drinky but I am a bad judge of this. It tasted more like real lime than real cherry. It tastes remarkable like Sonic cherry limeade.

Photos to come...

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