Friday, September 16, 2005

Izze is SO CRAP

Now often, Eric and I do not agree on beverages. He loves vanilla and creme. I'd rather eat dirt. But he bought some Izzes and I was jealous. Mmmm fruit juice and soda--it's a combination I don't get so often now that I don't buy the majority of my soda from a cafeteria.

So last night, at dinner, I bought the Izze Pomegranate.

I know that pomegranate is the new black, or whatever, but I have always loved it. Pomegranates are a huge family tradition and I love them. So I was pretty excited.

This tasted more like cranberry. I love cranberry as well (see, Cape Cod!). I would say I am very very pro-sour, to the point where the people at the Chinese restaurant I frequent are suprised that I am American and love sour so much. This was sour bad. It did not help that the thing I ate it with was a Granny Smith apple, but it was still bad. I agree with Eric that it was also too sweet at the same time as being too sour. It did not really taste like real fruit at all. Maybe this is just all due to me being used to "fake cherry" and "fake orange" but not "fake pomegranate." This does not taste at all like pomegranate.

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