Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Well so far my posts have been all about my favorites. This is no exception. I have been on an IPA binge for months now. Last night I went to the Blind Pig (You should vote for them in this contest on my behalf. And yours if you are anywhere near CU). I had two IPAs which were quite strong in ABV. The first was the Titan IPA tap:

I liked it a lot, but I have little else to say about it, since I was mainly hanging out and less thinking about it. It is about 7% alcohol, so it got me a little snockered. It was a good basic IPA, and I know all the rate beer people are all over it, but I thought it was pretty basic. Very good, but pretty standard.

This did not prevent me from bravely moving on to another 7%er, the Three Floyds Alpha King:
. I have had this in the bottle and quite enjoyed it, but never had it on tap. I have to say that I liked it less on tap! It was too dark for an ipa--they're supposed to be pale, you know. Too much nutty, not enough hoppy!

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