Saturday, September 10, 2005

Cape Cod

It is decided, vodka cran (ne the cape cod) is my favorite mixed drink. i do not like that it is called the cape cod. i would like my favorite drink to have some cool name that really defined me, like one of my other favorite drinks, the moscow mule. I would like it to be racier like a sex on the beach or a slow comfortable screw or something. But there it is. I love the Cape Cod. I always feel shy about asking for a Cape Cod, because it conjures images of an old WASPy lady with a sweater over her shoulders. I usually say "vodka cran" but those rarely come with lime.

I have never been to Cape Cod, but I do enjoy their drink. My hometown of Chicago has a whole host of drinks I think I would hate, including the frozen chicago, Chicago Cocktail, and the Chicago Fizz. The most palatable drink I could find was the Chicago View. I find the Chicago drink selection much like actual Chicago-- the View is great, but the majority of life there is unpalatable.

So apparently I am a true East Coast Protestant, at least in my drink selection. All hail the Cape Cod.

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