Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Beers of this summer

Starting this July, I began keeping track of the beers I drink. I
contemplated keeping track of each and every beer I drank, but I thought
that would give me beer drinking statistics that I could not handle (as it
is I have tried 24 different beers in two months). So mainly I just review
beers that I have tried and never written about.

Shlafly Pale Ale-- I was looking forward to this since the American Pale was SO good. This was okay, not hoppy bitter but just bitter. I could not believe it was not awesome. Sad.

Red Hook Autumn-- I love most everything red hook. Their website does not admit that they have an autumn, but that's really what the tap had. Hmmm....

Red Hook Sunrye--Light summer beer that's good if you want something better than PBR but not overly complex. On tap at the Esquire so I drink it frequently.

Shlafly Hefeweisen-- BORING. oh man. seriously. this beer bored me so much i went to bed without FINISHING it. which i generally think of as a beer sin, but seriously. it was just completely boring, especially in comparison to their awesomely tasty pale ale.

Shlafly American Pale Ale-- SO GOOD. hoppy and bitter!

B(e)-- Be to the E--An awful vitamin like energy drink with the worst after taste. The beginning is like Leine's Berry Weiss though. It's totally un-beerlike.

Rogue Mocha Porter- Tasty! Beer and coffee and chocolatey all at once!

Rogue Dead Guy Ale--I always like this but I never get it. It's
consistently good but not unique or outstanding for me.

Rogue Red Ale- I liked it, had never had the red before. I have a few more. I'll think about it.

Red Stripe- The indie rock party standard.

Newcastle Brown- I like NB on draft but not so much in the bottle

Harbor City Brewing Full Tilt IPA. --eh okay. smoky.

Sierra Nevada Porter--really good. Not too heavy or bitter.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale--tasty as always, a good all around Pale Ale that
you can get in most city grocery stores.

Killian's Irish Red--I love reds, and before my IPA romance, I would order
the Killian's very consistently.

Bell's Cherry--a little to sour vinegary to me. I had been looking forward
to it, but I didn't really like it.

HOP OTTIN' IPA (India Pale
-- Super hoppy. bitter! cool amber color. I liked the bitter
part but ther could have been more hoppy sweetness.

Old Style--classic favorite

Bell's Oberon--Summer first beer standard

Shipyard Fuggles IPA-- Undistinctive. sorta boring. A good IPA if you don't
like bitter.

Butte Creek Organic
-- Not bad...darker than I usually enjoy for an IPA.

Brewing IPA
Good! Bitter! It's all hop!

Yuengling Porter--
Good...not too filling.

Yuengling Black and
--Meh, okay (July 4, 2005)

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