Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Once you've had BlaK, you never go BacK.

I picked up a 4-pack of Coca-Cola BlaK this weekend, and it's pretty good stuff. The beverage, for sale in a cute little 8 oz bottle, purports to be a "fusion of Coke effervescence and coffee essence." Yeah, it is, pretty much. I remember when Pepsi Kona came out, when I was in, like, middle school, and I recall having enjoyed it. While pulling all-nighters in college, I would occasionally try to re-generate the flavor with a Pepsi and a cup of cold coffee, with gut-puckering results. This stuff is pretty good though. Light carbonation, decent coffee flavor, a hint of caramel, though it is perhaps too sweet. On the whole though, it gets my approval. I bet this stuff would be awesome in a float with some vanilla ice cream.

ooo ooo yeah! I'm all about the BlaK - cow!!  

Is that some kind of Blak on Black Cow CHALLENGE!? :)  

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