Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Green Tea which is neither tea, nor green.

I had the opportunity to try Steaz Green Tea flavored cola this weekend, and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not a big fan of things that taste like green tea but aren't a cup of hot tea. I think green tea ice cream is pretty gross, and I find the green tea available in bottles at the store pretty unexciting. Nevertheless, I gave The Healthy Beverage Company the benefit of the doubt and gave their cola a try. Steaz beverages come in several varieties, including fruit flavors, a ginger ale, and a root beer, all made with Ceylon green tea. The thought of a tea-flavored root beer really turns my stomach, as I'm sure Jenny's stomach is turning at the thought of a root beer, period. The cola flavor was mild, the green tea flavor strong enough, and the carbonation pretty weak. It was a very refreshing beverage, though it was very sweet, and alarmingly brown. Seriously, I've never seen a soda as deeply colored as this one. The label says it's made from all organic ingredients though, so I figure it can't be that bad for me. Soda + teaz = steaz. Eric + Steaz = happy. Unless it's the root beer. Ick.

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