Wednesday, March 08, 2006

McDonald's New Premium Roast Coffee

I am a sucker. Just last week I posted an entry regarding the frivouous use of the word 'premium' in the advertising world. Today, I went out to buy a cup of coffee at McDonald's, primarily becasue it was new, but also becasue it was advertized as being 'premium'. Sigh. The advertising for this coffee promised me not only a better coffee, fresh brewed from 'premium' roasted beans, but also a special creamer and a neat-o space-age sippy-cup top. I got none of these things. The coffee is just as acrid, metallic, and burnt-tasting as before; it is certainly no more robust than the brown water they've served in the past, and I got mine with the usual punch-out style lid and I had to use the standard creamer (McD's: news flash: just becasue it coats the inside of my mouth with an oily film does not mean it is plesantly creamy). All in all, this coffee is not noticeably different than the regular stuff they were serving before, it just costs a whole dollar now.

Wow, after re-reading this post, I sound like a whiney bitch. Sorry folks. I know it's just McDonald's coffee, and I should have expected as much.

i have always really liked mcd's coffee.

and because of this blogger issue you are making ME sound like a whiny bitch. damn it!

I warn everyone against their fancy new flavored hot chocolates as well. One day I was on a little road trip and I just wanted some of that Nestle powdered cocoa with the hot water...only to discover that McD's now serves this nasty stuff that can only be described as overly sugared petroleum product with a brownish tint. Beware.  

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