Monday, October 03, 2005

Barritts' Ginger Beer

This Ginger Beer was awesome! So many ginger beers I've had have been the beverage equivalent of an atomic fireball--a awful lot of heat and burning sensations in your mouth an throat, but a very simple flavor. In the case of atomic fireballs, that flavor is simple cinammon and the sensations are localized on your lips and tongue. In the case of gingerbeer, it is ginger, and the sensations are localized in your throat. In the Barritts version of ginger beer, the plesant tingling in my throat was accompanied by a strong ginger flavor, but enriched with all kinds of other tropical flavors. This beverage was totally refreshing, and I'm gonna buy a case if I get the chance.

Dear ODP writers, have you heard of this Dr. Pepper bottler in Texas?

They sweeten it only with real cane sugar according to the original Dr. Pepper recipe. It's $15 for a case, including shipping. I have always wanted to order this, so if you do, please review it here!!
Thank you,

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