Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Musings in regards to the mixing of sodas

This past weekend, I went to visit Jenny, and as you might expect, I took a lot of beverages along with me. We ate at a restaurant that had fountain beverages available, and I dispensed myself a big cup of Mountain Dew Code Red to thoroughly caffeinate myself for the long drive home. I must have moved my cup in an odd manner, because Jenny asked me if I was mixing sodas. I was not, but instantly wondered what a Mt Dew + Code Red combination would be like. I drank half the code red, and then Jenny filled the cup with Mountain Dew Standard Flavor.

In a turn of events that no one could have predicted, the combination turned out to be nearly tasteless. I found this odd. I can still remember when I was introduced to "the Suicide," the mixed drink that results from a squirt of soda from each nozzle on the fountain. It was a truly synergistic effect. Each soda on its own had its merit, coke, sprite, orange, root beer, etc. But, when combined, the mix tasted more like the platonic ideal of soda than each of the sodas individually. The suicide accesses a higher plane of existence, as far as sodas go. Thus my disappointment with the mix of Mt. Dews. Perhaps this is telling though. In trying to find the essence of mountain dew, I found merely sweet carbonated water.

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