Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hank's Orange Cream Soda

Hank's Beverages

Broad gave me a case of Hank's sodas for my birthday, and it contained three bottles each of Hank's Root Beer, Vanilla Cream, Black Cherry, and Orange Cream. Now that I've had a chance to sample each of the sodas, I have to say that the orange cream is amazing. Don't get me wrong, the other sodas are good. The root beer is pretty average, more toward the crisp, Barq's end of the spectrum than the cloying A&W end. The vanilla cream was good, but nothing special. The cherry was refreshing, sweet, and tasted more like real cherries (the fruit) than cherry flavoring (the flavor that always goes with FD&C Red #40). But the orange cream is where it's at. When you first sip, the orange flavor hits you. Like the cherry soda, it tastes more like the fruit than the artificial flavoring. This orange is a bit like the mandarin orange flavor. Goya markets a soda based on mandaring orange, but I digress. Then, as the soda fills your mouth, the gentle flavor of vanilla creeps up on you, mixing very well with the orange flavor. It seems that orange and vanilla just go well together. Upon swallowing, the light carbonation leaves a tingly sensation in your throat, not unlike the sensation of sucking on a real frozen creamsicle. Hank's has put creamsicle flavor in a bottle, and it is good.

This sounds like the antithesis of enjoyment for me. But I would love to taste the cherry. HINT HINT!  

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